After years of storing our RV’s outside it was nice to find the friendly folks at Placer RV’s inside storage facility several years ago. We looked at other indoor storage and found that the Placer RV Storage facilities, services provided and cost was what we were looking for. Their customer service is fantastic. Our motor home is always clean and ready to go when we pick it up. If you have ever had to wash a dirty motor home after a trip you will really appreciate the free wash service Placer provides each time you drop off your unit. It’s also nice to not have to worry about your RV when it is raining out or any inclement weather because Placer’s inside storage is like parking in your own garage. They have detailed our motor home several times over the years and kept it looking like new. In summary, it’s a safe and secure place to store your RV, with prompt response to our requests and great customer service. We strongly recommend storing your RV at Placer RV Storage.